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Now THAT'S High-speed Rail! 1,500 Chinese Workers Build Railway For A New Train Station In Just NINE HOURS
Jan 26, 2018

There is a miracle, called the speed of Fujian!

Longyan Railway Station major transformation, 1,500 workers 9 hours to build a new platform!

Whether you feel shocked? Whether subvert your imagination?


On the evening of January 19, with the help of the commander on the scene, more than 1,500 Chinese workers started a "campaign": a major renovation of Longyan Station in Fujian Province, and the completion of the large-scale construction of the line transition between new and old stations. This is a very rare Grade I railway construction and the construction time is extremely tight. Starting from 18:30 pm, in less than nine hours, the workers will have to complete all of operation.

Dozens of construction machines at the same time running, more than 1,500 railway people sleepless nights, a miracle completion of a major transformation of the railway station!






This time!
Fujian shook the world with speed!
British "Daily Mail" to "That’s high-speed rail" as a topic for a detailed report, the first sentence of the report is called "Incredible manpower".



At the same time, British people thousands of miles away are also engaged in a fierce "Comedy Central Roast” on social networking sites.

"We could not compete with them at all. One friend who worked on railroad maintenance said to me those they had driven a truck a few miles into the fields and then the first thing was to prepare breakfast and tea ..."

"In the West, it takes 10 years to decide on the budget and then to be scrapped after the new government is elected! Then it takes ten years to decide on the new budget, and so on ... In Canada, for example, we do not even have high-speed trains, there are only 10 metro stations in the largest cities.