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Regular Maintenance And Maintenance Of The Magnetic Bar On The Normal Operation Of The Machine Helpful
Sep 04, 2017

  Regular maintenance and maintenance of the magnetic bar on the normal operation of the machine helpful

  Applied to the large machine on the magnetic bar must be regular maintenance and maintenance in order to make these machines at any time in a good working condition, but also to avoid the occurrence of many large accidents.

  Turbine and rolling mills used in power plants and turbine oil used in many petrol stations or tanks are shown to have initially removed relatively large amounts of impurities through the filter oil web, but some less than 10 microns of impurities are not Filter, these smaller impurities can go through a lot of layers of oil filter into the bearing and control system inside, will make the bearing wear, but also make the adjustment system becomes unobstructed, this situation can easily lead to damage to the bearing, And even make the steam turbine and aircraft accident. And these tiny ferromagnetic impurities through the pressure of the oil filter is no way to be filtered.

  There is a kind of magnetic bar is the oil filter rod, the magnet can be in the steam turbine those tiny ferromagnetic impurities adsorbed on the magnet above, as long as the magnetic bar for regular cleaning and maintenance can protect the turbine oil cleanliness, So that the steam turbine and the application of bearings in a variety of machines in the normal operating conditions.

  Therefore, the regular cleaning of the oil filter rod is more important than other types of magnetic bars, oil filter rods are generally used in the field of important, maintenance and maintenance must be done regularly.