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The Location Of The Magnetic Bar And The Working Environment Has A Great Relationship
Sep 04, 2017

  The location of the magnetic bar and the working environment has a great relationship

  The main material for the production of the oil filter rod is the high magnetic pole field strong permanent magnet, the main production material of the jacket is stainless steel sleeve. This type of filter rod magnetic flux density of three thousand to five thousand gauss, in general, the direction of the longitudinal direction is the main direction of the magnetic field, magnetic bar the filter rod is a circular section, circular cross-section diameter of 16 mm to 200 mm, The specific length is determined by the size of the mailbox used, and the life of the working environment can be as long as the temperature of the working environment is less than one hundred and thirty degrees Celsius and is not subject to severe impact.

  According to the size of the steam turbine spindle box and the size of different petrol stations, the use of metal materials to make a shelf, the shelf material is best to use stainless steel, stainless steel shelf in the symmetrical side of the use of clips will filter live magnetic rod, To one hundred millimeters.

  The direction of the magnetic field of the magnetic bar is defined in the plane of the frame, according to the size of the frame in the tank welded to the frame slide, so you can easily put the shelf in the mailbox out. Steam turbine tank can be installed with a large number of magnetic bars, next to the two rows of magnetic bars to be staggered, the placement of a few rows need to be determined according to the size of the mailbox, another reference factor is the oil contains impurities, should be in accordance with the last row The magnetic bar is basically no impurities for the installation standard.