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Magnetic Bars Is A Current Important Magnetic Materials
Sep 04, 2017

  Magnetic Bars is a current important magnetic materials, applied directly to filter tiny powder or liquid. Because if the solution of small metal impurities, people can use magnet to stir gently, can make its surface covered with metal powder, ensure that liquid does not exist inside metal powder. So far, the Magnetic Bars has been used in the chemical industry, food, recycling, etc.

  Normal circumstances, the magnet itself is not fully composed of Magnetic Bars. Its structure contains two parts, namely the inner core and outer cladding. The two parts of the contemporary magnet, ensure its performance is not affected. Is set on a layer of cladding on the surface is to ensure that the internal core won't be influenced by outside factors, appear the phenomenon such as demagnetization. Once its magnetism is eliminated, so the product can't use to other areas, make great problems.

  In addition, after the actual use, people need to the corresponding cleaning of Magnetic Bars, make sure all kinds of dirt outside the package layer adhesion is to get rid of, to ensure the performance of the magnet is not affected, and strengthen the use time of Magnetic Bars.