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How To Reduce The Magnetic Bars In The Work Of The Magnetic Induction Loss
Sep 04, 2017

  How to reduce the Magnetic Bars in the work of the magnetic induction loss

  In general, the working environment of the magnetic bar, the temperature is relatively high, should be more than one hundred and fifty degrees above, this work environment is generally necessary to choose other types of Magnetic Bars to work. However, the relatively large diameter of the magnetic bar is usually not selected samarium cobalt, because the cost of samarium cobalt is relatively high, a long diameter rods to use the cost of tens of thousands of dollars.

  The size of the magnetic induction of the surface of the magnet is proportional to the extent to which the smallest particles can be absorbed. Generally, the smoky iron impurities in the battery and the pharmaceutical industry will have a very serious impact on the product. Therefore, in the two industries, Specifications are twelve thousand gauss, and in some other areas the requirements will be lower.

  The magnetic part of the magnetic bar in the application process and the flow of liquid in the middle of the magnetic part of the inevitable loss, the loss of more than the initial state of 30 percent or the surface of the metal and stainless steel pipe damage and cracks, You need to change a magnetic bar to continue to work, can not use the magnet to leak out of the magnet work, the magnet is usually very fragile, the surface of the oil on the environmental hazards are relatively large. Now domestic companies that produce magnetic bars are usually able to work in a heavy-duty working environment for one to two years and can work seven to eight years in a light-load environment.