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On The Two Structural Structures Of Magnetic Bars
Sep 04, 2017

  On the Two Structural Structures of Magnetic Bars

  Magnetic bar is a very important magnetic material, was used to the food industry, chemical industry, recycling industry. Although the magnetic bar is not the same environment, but its internal structure is still consistent. Magnetic Bars This article for the majority of readers to analyze the two components of the structure, and elaborate its internal role.

  First structure: core

  The core is a core part of the current magnetic bar, directly to the magnetic bar with magnetic, can carry out the corresponding work. Magnetic Bars However, in the actual use of the process, people need to strengthen the magnetic core to ensure that the effect of the magnetic bar is not affected. So the core of the magnetic force is insufficient, it is prone to a variety of conditions, can not guarantee the use of the effect.

  The second structure: cladding

  The cladding is on the outside of the core and wraps the entire core directly. At present, people use the cladding material is mainly metal, Magnetic Bars reduce the core magnetic force is affected, but also to ensure that the entire cover play a protective role, so that the core will not be affected by external factors, and magnetic force will not be affected.

  It is precisely because of the existence of cladding, Magnetic Bars the core can play a role in reducing the corrosion of external corrosion factors to ensure that magnetic force will not be affected.