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How To Assembly The Precast Concrete Magnet
Jan 29, 2018

The precast concrete magnet is made of neodymium magnets and stainless steel and iron. The shape of the magnets and steel parts is processed into a hole in advance. Then the workers need to assemble screws and steel parts in one piece. In the process of assembly, workers should pay attention to the pole of the magnet. Because the correct magnetic pole arrangement can form a good magnetic ring and increase the magnetic force of the component. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the strong magnetic force of each magnet so as to avoid hurt the fingers or skin.

In order to permanently fix the internal magnets, the black epoxy resin material will be injected into the gap between the magnets and the steel components. At least 24 hours later, when the epoxy resin solidified, the whole magnet component would be placed on the desktop of the CNC machine to eliminate the surface of the template magnet. This can increase the maximum magnetic force of the whole assembly.

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