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The Use Method And Precautions Of The Precast Concrete Magnet
Jan 29, 2018

1. Use method

1) Fixed laminated floor side panels and wall panels

2) fixed window mode, die and other independent modules;

3) Fix the wooden formwork

The use method and precautions of the precast concrete magnet.png

2. Caution:

1) The fastening nut can not be lowered, otherwise the top of the magnetic box paste surface too much lead to inadequate adsorption caused by the side displacement.

2) Placing the steel surface of the magnetic box needs to be flat and clean before each use, and can not have concrete residues or other particles, so as not to affect the core and the mold table is not close fit, affecting the fixed intensity.

3) Before and after the magnetic cartridge need to clean the core contact surface, can not have concrete and iron stick on it, affecting the adsorption force.

4) Often clean the concrete stuck in the fit and coated with oil, regularly to the rod position plus oil to ensure the smooth opening and closing of the core.

5) Prohibit the use of hammer and other hard objects hit the fit, or height free fall to the steel surface, or add magnetic core itself strong adsorption force may damage the impact of the use of the box, and even cause misalignment of the magnetic core, damage to the cartridge.

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