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Why are magnets disconnected from each other?
Sep 04, 2017

Why are magnets disconnected from each other?

On the magnet after the magnetic fracture problem, the network is often argued on the discussion, different opinions. Some say that the broken surface of the magnetic side of the contrary, some say that the magnetic resonance at the same fracture. And in a variety of information is difficult to find relevant discussion. How did I take this problem? I found a variety of magnets to do the experiment, the results show that the bar after the break of the magnet at the broken surface of the magnetic (that is, the emergence of similar magnetic pole), the two fracture surface is attracted to each other, it is Easy to connect together; and ring and pie-shaped iron fracture after the fracture surface is mutually exclusive, it is difficult to put the two together, even if they will be hard together, as long as the hand to release, will immediately push each other, And one of them will immediately turn over, the fracture surface seems to be the same name pole.

You will find that the broken magnet has a new pole, because the magnetic distribution will change according to the shape and volume of the magnet. In fact, the magnet in the vertical and the upper and lower sides, but also have different magnetic pole; magnet fracture, although the horizontal direction is still different phase suction, but the vertical and vertical direction is the same phenomenon. So if you turn the end of the broken magnet 180 degrees in the vertical direction, so that the direction of the magnetic field lines coincide with the magnet, the magnet will be re-pull together, and this is what you see the tipping phenomenon.

The magnetism at the fracture surface of the stripe-shaped (or hoof) magnets is easy to understand, because the magnets can be regarded as the regular arrangement of multiple small magnetic pins (ie, adjacent small magnetic pins Attracting together from each other by the magnetic origin of Ampere said - the molecular current hypothesis is known), breaking the magnet is equivalent to somewhere will be separated from the small magnetic needle, separated, the two magnetic is still the famous magnetic pole, There are similar magnetic pole, the other ends of the magnetic constant.

Ring or cake-shaped magnet at the fracture surface of the mutual rejection is due to: the two of the magnetic pole in the torus or round surface, that is, the upper and lower surfaces are N, S pole, broken, the magnetic pole is also on the upper and lower surfaces, In the fracture surface at the upper and lower there will be two magnetic poles, when the fracture surface close to the upper and lower sides are corresponding to the same name magnetic pole, the same name magnetic pole is mutually exclusive, so it will produce broken surface is the same name magic The Once one of the up and down inversion, you can firmly together.

In this regard, some people may be in doubt, when the ring or pie-shaped magnets broke into a very short section does not become a bar-shaped magnet it? Indeed, especially the ring magnet cut a short period of time, it seems And the strip magnet is no different In fact, this is because the ring or pie-shaped magnet "small magnetic needle" arrangement and strip magnet "small magnetic needle" arrangement is along the direction of the original pole, even if the Will ring or pie-shaped magnets broken (of course not too vibrant, to prevent the internal structure of the magnet changes.

This phenomenon is in fact proved that the simple magnetic knowledge analysis of complex problems when the defects and contradictions. Also shows the distribution of magnetic lines of force, is composed of the internal composition of the vector synthesis results. The magnetic pole distribution on the surface of the magnet is combined with the shape of the fracture surface into a new corresponding magnetic field distribution and forms a magnet with a new magnetic pole.