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Magnetic separators--Great help for ceramic production
Apr 17, 2018

Magnetic separators--Great help for ceramic production

Nowadays, all walks of life in society have developed rapidly, and the requirements for production of products have become higher and higher. Like the rapid development trend of the ceramic industry in recent years, China’s building ceramics has reached 50% of the world, but there is a problem that although the output is high, However, the quality is not very good. After research, it has been found that one of the crucial factors affecting China's ceramic building process is the level of iron contained in ceramic raw materials. In response to this phenomenon, some ceramic plants have purchased specialized ceramic magnetic separators.

Magnetic iron remover has a wide range of applications in the industry. Today, it is applied to the ceramic industry. Its main working principle is to focus on ceramics, especially white and light-colored products. Building sanitation ceramics manufacturers pay more attention to iron removal problems. The higher the use of magnetic iron separators, the greater the use of magnetic iron remover: the development of iron from the original glaze to the billet also remove iron; more and more iron removal products are needed, and the iron removal requirements are also getting higher and higher. A production line is equipped with a magnet. In addition to iron, it has been developed to install 3-4 multi-stage series magnetic iron separators; an iron-absorbing magnetic rod with iron slots has also been developed from the original dozen to two to three hundred, and magnetic rods are increasing investment in iron removal.

Although there are many types of magnetic iron remover nowadays, such as electromagnetic magnetic iron remover and permanent magnet magnetic iron remover, different industries use different models, but in the ceramic industry, magnetic iron remover still needs reform. For many years, the ceramic industry has applied magnetic iron remover. The requirements are very strict. Electromagnetic magnetic iron separators have been developed for a relatively long period of time. High-power and strong magnetic fields are favored by the industry, but the disadvantages of excessive investment, high power consumption, and long service life have always existed.

Just now we have responded to this reflection after many years of research and development, and finally solved the ceramic industry's great favor. At present, our company produces electromagnetic magnetic separators with strong magnetic separation ability, long service life, high degree of automation and more economical and applicable new models. In the future, we believe that in the near future, our ceramic industry will not only become a high product in the world, but also will continue to see its quality soar.