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Magnetic iron removal for Brick factory- Strong suction and iron removal
May 20, 2018

Magnetic iron removal for Brick factory- Strong suction and iron removal

Understanding the iron remover is known to be a device that can generate a strong magnetic field attraction, it can remove the ferromagnetic impurities mixed in the material, to ensure that the crusher, grinder and other equipment from damage. Separators are widely used in industries such as metallurgy, mining, power, ports, ceramics, glass, cement, building materials, chemicals, food, and feed. In the emerging waste processing industry, iron separators are also needed to recycle steel mixed with waste. Do you know what the brick factory uses to remove iron?

The brick factory can use the following two types of drums to remove iron, which are permanent magnet drums and electromagnetic drums (ie, electromagnetic pulleys). They have high magnetic field strength, large depth, simple structure, easy use, no maintenance, no power consumption, and no demagnetization for years of use.

1 RCT series permanent magnet rollers are also known as magnetic pulleys or dry bulk magnetic separators. Its internal use of high-performance hard magnetic materials composed of composite magnetic system, with high magnetic field strength, depth, simple structure, easy to use, no maintenance, no power consumption, perennial use of non-demagnetization features. Can be used in cement, magnetic separation, mining, steel, chemical, refractory, waste treatment and other industries. It is used together with DT-75 and AD-80 universal fixed belt conveyors instead of driving wheels, and can also be equipped with special belt conveyors.

2 CFLT series electromagnetic pulley (same as CFDL series electromagnetic pulley) is a rotary DC electromagnetic iron removal device. It is matched with TD-75 and AD-80 universal belt conveyors as head pulleys, with the features of continuous and automatic iron removal. Deep magnetic field, magnetic force, economical.