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Increase The Food Safety by Using Magnetic Separators
Dec 26, 2018

In this time, the food safety is one of the major concerns in the world. Every food processing company should first consider the quality of produced food products, their efficiency and hygiene. To keep the food safe the food processing companies should keep in mind some points. For example, they should do an appropriate cleaning of the products by doing proper procedures for raw materials. As the steel contaminants and impurities are major hazards for the food safety, all food processing companies require magnetic separators to remove these ferrous materials and contaminants that remain in the raw products.


Sometimes, the metallic material can damage the processing machine, and the product becomes impure. The steel contaminants may appear in the food products from the different types of sources. The impure product is always harmful to use. So, it is essential to remove all the impurities applying the magnetic separation process. If you are related to any food processing company, then you should have proper information about such separators.

The separators have solid magnets that can effectively pull all types of ferrous and metallic contaminants. The magnetic separators are available in the custom size and design. Besides, the food processing industries, these separators are also very useful to chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Different types of industries need for different separators. From a famous and trusted supplier, you can get all types of separators. By a simple search, you can find some names of magnetic separator suppliers. You can see the name of various separators as below.

Magnetic Bar
Magnetic Grid
Sieve magnets
Strip magnets
Bullet magnets
Chute magnets
Liquid filter
Magnetic drum
Plate magnet

Above all separators are useful to various industries. But, most of all food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries use the magnetic bar and magnetic grid. They are very powerful for the magnetic separation process. You should always buy the separators that are made of stainless steel because such separators are more efficient in use and also durable. From the reputed magnetic separator suppliers, you can get the high-quality equipment at very affordable rate. Some suppliers also manufacture the magnets. Purchasing from such suppliers is a recommended as you can directly order for the custom design according to your requirements.


GME Separation is a reputed and trusted manufacturer and supplier of magnetic separators from years. You can order for custom magnetic bar or grate magnets as per your requirements. They realize your idea of the design and give you the exact equipment that you want. The company also offers services for polish and welding at an affordable price. The company provides all the equipment after properly inspecting the quality and testing all parts of the separators.

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