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The Tariff On Australian Imports Of Chinese Products Has Fallen To Zero.
Jan 03, 2019





Since January 1st, 2019, all Chinese goods entering Australia are duty-free!

According to the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, since 2015, China and Australia have carried out four tariff reductions, and imports of goods from Australia have begun to gradually reduce tariffs. A considerable number of commodities will achieve zero tariffs within five years. From January 1st, China and Australia will carry out the fifth round of concessions.

Simon Birmingham, Australian Minister of Trade, Tourism and Investment who came to Shanghai to participate in the Expo, said: "From January 1st, 2019, all Chinese goods entering Australia will be exempt from customs duties. Of course, it's great for both enterprises in China and Australia. Meanwhile, China will also eliminate tariffs on a range of Australian products on display at CIIE, including wine, infant formula and honey."

On November 7th, 2018, Chinese and Australian companies signed 11 agreements that spaned five years and totaled nearly 15 billion Australian dollars (about 75.8 billion yuan). These favorable trade policies will further bring substantial benefits to enterprises in China and Australia.