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Porsche Electric Vehicle Parameters Announced With Two Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors
Nov 26, 2018

As early as July this year, Porsche's first mass-produced electric vehicle, Taycan, opened a reservation in China with a deposit of 20,000 yuan. According to the Porsche official statement, the new car name means “young horse”, inspired by the horse that was launched in 1952 by the Porsche Shield Peugeot Center. It also marks the official entry of Porsche into the era of electric vehicles. Recently, Porsche officially released the specific parameters of the new car, equipped with two permanent magnet synchronous motors.

The Porsche Taycan is equipped with two permanent magnet synchronous motors with a combined maximum horsepower of 600 hp. According to the official, it does not exceed 3.5 seconds in the 0-100km/h acceleration time, the 0-200km/h acceleration time does not exceed 12 seconds, and the NEDC working range is 500 kilometers.

In addition, thanks to the 800v high-voltage charging pile, the new car can be charged in the vehicle for about 400 minutes (about 80%), which can be improved in battery life.