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Tesla Model 3 Will Use Permanent Magnet Motors: Improving Efficiency And Reducing Energy Consumption
Mar 16, 2018

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According to foreign media reports, Tesla Model 3 models of motor product strategy has undergone a major transformation, from the AC induction motor (AC induction motor) to a permanent magnet motor (permanent magnet motor). According to Konstantinos Laskaris, Tesla's main motor designer, the company is building a motor R&D team in Greece that aims to attract outstanding local motor design talent.

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In order to improve vehicle performance and energy efficiency, improve product performance and cruising range, and minimize costs, Tesla selected permanent magnet motors after taking into account motor costs, battery costs, and mileage.

However, Tesla also has its own concerns about the selection of permanent magnet motors. One of the biggest concerns is raw materials, rare earths. This kind of material is controversial. Some people think that the material will endanger people's health and cause geopolitical issues. At present, details of the Model 3 permanent magnet motor are not yet known