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Hovering Questions About Magnetic Levitation
Mar 21, 2018



Who doesn't love magnets?

Magnets aref unctional, mysterious, and at the heart of nearly every electric motor. Magnets can make objects appear to defy gravity or move on their own.


If you're like us, when you first start to fight fridge magnets, you're trying to get one to hover over another hover. We tried to put a magnet on another magnet by opposing their repellent forces, but explained why this would never work and how to use an electromagnet to suspend. (YouTube, embedded below.)

In the video, they have a quick demonstration of their levitation device, as well as some simple explanations, with some convenient oscilloscope readings to show what happened at the console. The most valuable part is the explanation in the article, which brings us into the whole process, starting from the reason that we cannot use permanent magnets, which leads to the reason that the electromagnet can succeed.

magnets are informative and well-written. They have a rich mix of high-level subjects and do not downplay them by rewriting important parts.

Simpler thrusters can be built with a single electromagnet to help you quickly build your own suspension. Remember, in the first paragraph, when we say that 'almost' each motor uses a magnets, the piezo motor rotates without a magnet.