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Precast Technology Development Residential Industrialization
Oct 30, 2017

A three hundred square meters of three-story residential building how long can be built? In Japan, its answer is a week. In fact, not just single-family homes, that is, high-rise, high-rise buildings, the same can be built at such a rate.
The realization of such a rapid construction of the building, and Japan's housing industry has a high degree of close contact, especially with the building prefabricated structure (PCa) has a direct relationship.

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Japan: 60 years of application experience

"At present, Japan's PCa technology has been developed to the third generation, in the high-rise, high-rise buildings can be applied. Japan PCa technology development has been the first two generations of basic technology and application of technology to the current development of the technology , Focusing on isolation and high-strength materials and other fields of research and application. "On March 18 China Building Standards Design Institute hosted the sustainable construction and housing industry technology forum, the Japanese Ministry of Land and Transportation JICA project experts, Japan's structure from the architect of three bottles of introduction, Japan from the 1950s due to labor shortage began to develop PCa technology, as of today, there are many types, which prefabricated concrete construction method is the most important, including wall prefabricated reinforced concrete construction method WPC, WRPC) and frame prefabricated reinforced concrete construction (RPC, HPC). Three bottles of Zhao Yan WPC construction method as an example that the technology because the external walls or partitions as a load-bearing wall, so more reasonable and economical. At the same time, column or beam type is not indoors, can effectively use the living space. In addition, due to the high pre-manufacturing rate, can significantly shorten the duration.
Three bottles of Zhao Yan stressed that there is a little more important, the use of PCa construction method of the size of the better precision, durability, and the quality of related components is also better.
"In addition, the use of PCa construction method of labor compared with the traditional construction method: the overall amount of labor for the traditional 62%; compared with the main structure of the construction, wall painting work more effort; Effort is also a great effect. "Three bottles of Zhao Yan said.
Although the PCa construction method compared with the traditional construction method of the initial high cost, but as long as a certain scale, the cost of investment will be greatly reduced with the use of the expansion.

China: will usher in a big development situation
China Building Standard Design and Research Institute executive director Liu Dongwei that the use of PCa technology not only high labor costs in Japan has a very attractive, China also has the need to increase efforts to promote. "Whether it is as a solution to the lack of large - scale housing construction measures, or as the construction industry from the original handicraft production mode of modernization, residential industrialization is the only way.

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At present, China has developed a very good momentum in the development of residential industrialization. Shenzhen from November 1, 2009 onwards since the implementation of the country's first prefabricated technology specifications - "prefabricated assembly of reinforced concrete structure technical standards."
In fact, there are already some companies in the front. Heilongjiang Yuhui Group as early as a few years ago in the development of the Locke town project on the 14th floor, the use of prefabricated integrated concrete shear wall structure technology. "All the structural components on the 14th floor are prefabricated in the factory, and then transported to the site assembly construction. Currently, the basic elimination of the wall common leakage, cracking, hollowing, room size deviation and other quality problems, To achieve the main structure of the accuracy of the deviation in millimeters, the deviation is basically less than 0.1%. "Yuhui Group Chairman Liu Wenqing said.
Housing and Urban and Rural Construction Department of Housing Industry Promotion Center Technology and Products Director Ye Ming pointed out that the housing industry in addition to Vanke in the positive promotion, the Yuhui Group, South China Construction, Changsha longevity, Nanjing, Shanghai, Group and other enterprises have entered the ranks of the. Especially in the labor costs and building quality requirements to enhance the market competition intensified in the context of China's construction enterprises have begun to pay close attention to the development process of residential industrialization.