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Precast Concrete Balcony Stairs And Other Components Reassembled
Nov 02, 2017

Precast Concrete Balcony Stairs And Other Components Reassembled

Balconies, stairs, bay windows are precast concrete components, and then transport to the site and then assembled, such "building blocks" of the assembling construction method are more and more appear in the estate projects.

In the construction site of the project, 12:00 O’clock afternoon, the reporter saw a piece of "precast concrete balcony", "precast concrete staircase", "precast concrete bay window", "precast concrete ladder wall", most of the precast concrete components have exposed steels. On-site commentators say that they will pour the connection parts of the exposed steels, to connect the various components. The effect the same that pouring on-site, and it is more smoothly without blistering or voids, and need to rework.

"Precast concrete components is actually the production of steel, template, concrete production process moving to the precast concrete parts factory, instead of site, to reduce the noise, impact on the construction site." One of construction organization of Bolilan, China Construction Third Bureau, Person in charge said, do not worry about the ricketiness insecurity of assembling buildings, because it has been proved by science. Moreover shear framework, Bearing column and outer wall for project are poured on site, merely other components such as balcony, staircase wall is made at the precast concrete factory.

It is reported that through the construction of precast concrete components (including bay windows, stairs, balconies, staircase walls), supporting the application of aluminum mold, climbing, all-cast external walls, the whole process of interspersed new technology, can improve high quality, reduce the cost, and benefits for energy saving and environmental protection advantages.