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Magnet Material Related Issues
Sep 20, 2018

Many friends pay more attention to the material of the magnet. What is the material of the magnet? What is the material of the high-strength magnet? What magnet material is most resistant to high temperatures? What is the magnet material in the stator? And the motor magnet material and so on. Today, magnet manufacturer Carrick Xiaofu made a special introduction on this issue.

1. Introduction to magnet material classification

Unfamiliar friends may not know. In fact, there are many materials for magnets, mainly permanent magnets and soft magnets. How do you understand them? Permanent magnets are usually magnetic, soft magnetic is not magnetic, this article mainly talks about permanent magnets.

NdFeB material: The most magnetic magnetic material, cost-effective, widely used, ordinary performance can only withstand temperature of 80 degrees, the maximum working temperature can reach 200 °C.

Ferrite material: low price, weak magnetic, especially good temperature and corrosion resistance, so it is generally not electroplated.

Samarium-cobalt magnets: The materials are expensive, have reliable coercivity and good temperature characteristics, but are often replaced by NdFeB. Compared with NdFeB magnets, SmCo is more suitable for working in high temperature environments.

AlNiCo magnet: AlNiCo permanent magnet material has low mechanical strength, high hardness, brittleness and poor processability.

2. What is the most magnetic material?

It is also said above that the most powerful magnetic material is NdFeB. So it is the choice to choose strong suction.

3. The magnet material in the stator

The magnets in the stator are mainly NdFeB magnets and ferrite magnet tiles.

4. Motor magnet material

There are many kinds of magnets used in the motor. This depends on the specific use of the customer. It is also useful for plastic magnets. Most of them are mainly permanent magnets, such as bonded NdFeB, injection ferrite, injection NdFeB, iron. Oxygen multipole magnetic ring, neodymium iron boron magnetic tile, ferrite magnetic tile, and the like.

5. What is the general material of the magnet?

Looking at the customer's product application, the first version of the magnet application market is ferrite and neodymium iron boron. For example, the sound horn is generally ferrite, and it is also useful for strontium iron boron. There are many ferrite-type Y30 or Y30BH tile-type magnetic steels on the motor, and a neodymium-iron-boron magnetic tile with a temperature resistance of 120-180°.

6. Which kind of strong magnet material is not easy to break?

There is no strong magnet that is not easy to break. The magnet is powder metallurgy. It can only be related to a certain magnet material. The characteristic of the magnet is that the stronger the magnetic force, the more brittle, the more easily it is broken, like NdFeB, whether it is sintered or bonded. The process is easy to break, and it is easy to fall off or break on the ground.

7. Excuse me, is there a magnet that is not fragile?

Also, such as rubber magnetic, injection molding magnetic is not easy to break.

Well, the material related issues about the magnet are introduced here. If you haven't introduced it yet, friends who have questions are welcome to contact us.