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How Far Can The NdFeB Magnet Be Sucked?
Sep 20, 2018

The far-reaching magnet of NdFeB can be used as a rare earth magnetic material, mainly a common magnet of NdFeB material, which is conventionally referred to as ferrite or other materials.

In fact, compared with ordinary magnets, NdFeB magnets are characterized by a large field, which is about 4 times. Another feature is the high gradient.

The gradient represents the change of the magnetic field per unit length. Taking the field to the infinity as an example, the faster the magnetic field strength drops, the higher the gradient. Conversely, the magnetic field of the NdFeB magnet is more affected by the distance change.

The terminology means that a strong magnet has a smaller magnetic field. Therefore, the suction provided by the ordinary magnet at a long distance is higher than that of the strong magnet.

30CM for a single magnet, whether it is strong or ordinary, can not induce enough suction.

Of course, enough magnetic block arrangement can achieve this effect.