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How To Increase The Magnetic Dispersion Effect Of Strong Magnetic NdFeB
Oct 22, 2018

How to increase the magnetic dispersion effect of strong magnetic NdFeB

The magnetic resonance effects of different types of strong magnetic NdFeB are different. Then, how does the strong magnetic NdFeB increase the magnetic focusing effect? Let us introduce you in detail:

How does the strong magnetic NdFeB increase the magnetic resonance effect?

One of the tasks of the magnetic circuit design of the strong magnetic NdFeB is to increase the magnetic flux density of the magnetic air gap as much as possible, and it is easier to increase the current density on the circuit, as long as the cross-sectional area of the wire is changed. The smaller the cross section, the higher the current density.

The principle of increasing the working air gap flux density is that the same sex repels each other and the opposite sex attracts. The main methods of strong magnetic NdFeB magnetism are:

(1) Change the cross section of the magnetic circuit

(2) Avoid magnetic lines of force repelling each other

Magnets of strong magnetic NdFeB are generally cylindrical, toroidal, and have a certain relationship between their diameter, thickness and magnetic properties. The magnetization of a permanent magnet is a volume, which has been mentioned before, and the magnetic flux density is related to the area. It is an area quantity, and Φ is the magnetic flux. The unit is the positive cross-sectional area through which the magnetic flux passes. .

With the increase of the coercive force of the strong magnetic NdFeB permanent magnet material, the recovery ductility μ decreases, which is close to the air permeability I. Thus, the magnetic resistance of the permanent magnet itself is not negligible, and thus the length of the permanent magnet in the magnetization direction is not too long.

The magnetic circuit is not so convenient, except in rare cases, the magnetic field lines have no material that cannot penetrate. There are only magnets and no non-conductive magnets. However, by changing the geometry of the magnetic circuit, the proper arrangement of the permanent magnet and the magnetizer can increase the magnetic flux density of the working air gap.