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Experimental Device For Steady High Magnetic Field: Exploring The Heavy Weapon Of The State In The Scientific Treasure House
Aug 29, 2018

In May 2008, the steady-state high magnetic field experimental device project, undertaken by the Science Center of High Magnetic Field, Hefei Institute of Material, Chinese Academy of Sciences, was launched.


In November 2016, large external superconducting magnets of hybrid magnets were successfully developed.


In February 2017, the expert group completed the acceptance test of the hybrid magnets.

On September 27, 2017, the "steady-state high magnetic field experimental device" passed the national acceptance, and the acceptance expert group gave a high appraisal. The project has fully completed the construction objectives, the key parameters have reached or exceeded the design targets, and "the technology and performance have reached the international leading level".


Over the past nine years, researchers of high magnetic field have made great strides one after another, making China one of the five international research institutes of high magnetic field in steady state. China's science and technology of high magnetic field has stepped up to a new stage.