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Special-shaped Promotes Touchscreen Technology For Mobile Phones
May 14, 2018

Currently, shaped magnets, as an important material, play a significant role in promoting social progress and human civilization. The market outlook for odd-shaped magnets is relatively good. China's metal and rare element mineral deposits are abundant, and its advantages in raw material resources are particularly obvious. The special-shaped magnet is a kind of special magnet, which is mainly designed for some unusual product requirements. Unlike standard magnets, the most widely used special-shaped magnets are mainly ferrite, neodymium-iron-boron and so on. In a finished product produced by a company, for example, a micro-electric stator magnetic shoe is a material of a special-shaped magnet. In view of the special adsorption properties of magnets, special-shaped magnet materials should be kept away from magnetized objects such as bank cards, credit cards, computer displays, watches, mobile phones, and medical devices. It is worth noting that special-shaped magnets should be kept away from magnets. Pacemakers.

Through experiments, it is known that under the touch screen, in addition to the placement of special-shaped magnets, it is necessary to wear a finger patch on the partner. In fact, this is based on the principle of simple operation and the use of magnetic repulsion Touch. In operation, the fitter's fingers can be moved in the original direction, and in a fixed position, there is no need to worry about going out of range. If the area is really out of bounds, the fitter will directly feel an opposing force. Therefore, the function of the special-shaped magnet is that if the partner has not used his finger to approach the screen of the mobile phone and a force has already been issued, this force can enable the user to use some multimedia playback functions without the user having to look at the screen at all because There will be an attractive guide here. Of course, technology is only a technology. It will take some time to get into practical commercial operation. How to realize the miniaturization of the magnet to adapt to the current size of the mobile phone screen will be the future direction.

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