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Rubik's Cube Plus Magnet Junior High School Students Won The Nuremberg Invention Award
Mar 27, 2018

Mobile phones, computers, Pads... Nowadays, every person’s hand-held electronic devices often make the charge sockets of households urgent. The emergence of the Cube socket, although to some extent eased the crisis, but how to fix the existing Cube socket has become a new problem. Lu Sinuo, a second-year student from the Experimental School of Beijing Polytechnic University, cleverly thought to add magnets to all six sides of the cube socket so that the cube socket can be easily attracted to any position on the metal surface, allowing no data cables to be placed on various electronic devices. Become law-abiding. Recently, she also won the silver prize at the International Invention Exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany with this invention.


"Catch the small helper" careful thinking carefully

Prior to this, Lusnow was the real “little helper” at home. What's going on here? It turned out that to count up, Lusino's cell phone at home is really not too little, and her father has only 3; therefore, every night at school from work, the home's socket is always crowded. At this time, Lusino had an important task, that is, the data lines responsible for tangling up several mobile phones to strive to separate - this is not really an easy task and has a great test of her patience. .

After careful observation, Sinuo found that the problem of tangling was prone to the problem that the existing Rubik's cube socket was fixed. It was a difficult problem: a single fixed mode made it difficult for the data lines of the charging devices to be “distinct”. So, is there any way to make this magic socket more flexible, where to put where to put it? After being fixed in a three-dimensional space, the data lines of the charging devices on all sides can not be “all the way” in all directions and do not interfere with each other. Lusino tried to find a solution to this problem.

How about sticking with tape? The fixing effect is good, but there are sequelae; not only difficult to remove, but also easy to leave marks on the fixed surface. What about hanging a small sucker on the socket? Each time you use it, you must breathe in, it is not easy to use, and the fixation effect is not good. Lusnow has eliminated all the solutions he can think of.

What else can be done? At this time, Lucino thought of the scene in which the teacher used a magnet to perform experimental demonstrations for the first time he took the physics practice class. Yeah, how good is it with a magnet! It is cheap and easy to buy.


Germany's entry "splashed"

At the beginning of the experiment, Lusnow adopted the original “magnet external” method, and how to make the magnets stay on the surface of the cube socket has become a problem. Lusino gave full play to his spooky imagination. “I always like to mix things together. For example, when washing clothes, I always think about what happens when laundry detergent and detergent are mixed together. I like to take a shower too. The shampoo and shower gel were mixed together.” This time, she combined the glue and glue stick perfectly. “I first glued the magnet to the surface of the socket with a glue stick, and then I used 360 glue to make a circle around it. Later I discovered This method is the most sticky."20160127194003e5975.jpgLater, with the help of his father, Lusino built a built-in magnet on his own magnetic cube socket and, with the recommendation of the teacher, traveled to Europe with this work and participated in the international invention exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany. The well-tested work at home was thrown into the cold water by the chief judge on the exhibition. It turned out that during the live demonstration for the judges, due to some tension, Luciano could not find the metal part of the booth table to stick the socket at the first time. "In fact, there is iron under the table, but it does not immediately stick. ”

Although he was still able to complete the understanding for the judges, Lusino was caught off guard by the judges: "If there is no metal nearby, will your work not lose its use value?" Sinuo realized that this is indeed a major limitation to his invention. Inspired by this, she is exploring new improvements, such as changing the shape of the cube socket, and creating it as a special structure that can be actively attached to the columns and other columns.

Uncover the discovery of the invention's eyes

This is not Lusino's first thought on the socket. As early as the 5th grade, Lusnow had won the invention of science and technology award of the year with the invention of the “children's plug with electric shock protection”. She effectively avoided the children's electric shock by modifying the shape of the socket's hand-held part and adding insulators around the metal inserts.

Snow and his father often jokingly said, "The inventions in the world are all discovered by the lazy people." She confesses herself as a lazy person and hopes to discover the eyes of discovering inventions everywhere. Nowadays, she also develops a habit of inventing something else when she sees something: seeing a German child adding a heating device to the body fluid, he also wants to do the same transformation on the toothpaste; When the car wants to sleep, it tries to make a cushion on the car that can be pulled down by one hand; whimsical will draw a scale on the glove, trying to provide more convenience for the mechanical workers ... although some ideas are not yet mature, but Lusnow is never tired of thinking about creative gardens. (Niu Weikun text and map)

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