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Prefabricated Concrete Terms Explained
Nov 22, 2017

Precast concrete
 Precast concrete is a semi-finished product of construction formed by pouring the concrete into a reusable mold or "stencil", and then processing the semi-finished product in a controlled environment before it is checked by a quality standard Construction site and hoisting in place. Precast concrete can be used for a variety of projects, from small to beautiful home to large residential buildings and bridges can find their place. Precast concrete can greatly save the cost of the entire project because the molds used to manufacture prefabricated concrete components can be reused.

Concrete products
 Prefabricated concrete products are finished concrete products that have already been poured in the factory and, together with the other concrete products, form an integral part of a larger building structure. The benefit of using precast concrete products is that they are unaffected by the weather conditions and that the process can be carried out separately from the site construction work. Prefabricated concrete products can ensure the construction efficiency and economy of construction projects under various weather conditions. Precast concrete products can be mass produced in accordance with certain specifications, and to facilitate rapid installation and long-term maintenance and repair.

Industrial building
 Concrete is the most suitable building material because it can withstand any pressure. Not only that, it is also a malleable and durable material that can be shaped into any shape you want. Most concrete buildings are commercial, such as shopping malls and retail stores. In some places, the factory building uses concrete facades to increase safety and to make the building more wind and storm resistant.

Residential building
 Concrete is still loose when it is first shipped to the job site, but it can be molded into almost any shape through a mold before it hardens and becomes an extremely sturdy and durable material that is not found in other major building products . Concrete is economical and easy to manufacture, so it counts as the most widely used building material in the world. In fact, it laid the foundation for the successful construction of virtually all skyscrapers, factories, fences and bridges today. The use of concrete as a building material for modern buildings is an eco-friendly and responsible option that provides owners with energy-efficient buildings that combine insulation, high thermal mass and low air leakage with the comfort of occupants Healthy and quality living environment.