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On The Development Of Magnet From Appearance To Present
Sep 04, 2017

  On the development of magnet from appearance to present

  Magnet is a very special material, can be directly produced by people into a variety of magnetic substances, to ensure a good performance. So far, China's magnet development is very fast, and the emergence of new magnet products, to people's lives has brought some changes. However, when it comes to magnet products, people will have to mention the history of the development of magnets.

  Magnets are not invented by people, but born with the existence of nature. So far, the world found the magnetite is still more to meet the actual demand for magnet products. Magnets first appeared in Greece and China. In China's historical records, people in nature found in the natural magnet has become a "magnificent stone." This is because it can suck the corresponding metal material, firmly bonded together.

  The earliest magnet product is a compass. Compass is an important invention of ancient China, reducing the possibility of people lost. The vast majority of compasses are used in the maritime industry. Because the sea is endless, easy to let people get lost. As a result, the compass has played a role in bringing the vessel to its purpose. Today, the types of magnet products more and more rich, directly to people's lives to bring great changes.