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NdFeB - The Magnet King
Jul 26, 2018

    NdFeb-magnet king.png

        In our real life In our real life, there is a "Magnet King" - rare earth NdFeB, a permanent magnet which straddles the fields of materials and energy. It is a super magnet with small volume, strong suction and light weight.

According to experts, NdFeB can attract object that is 640 times the weight of itself. It is known as the world's most powerful permanent magnet to this day.

Experts say that the magnetic material will be weakened after a period of time. But NdFeB permanent magnetic material is characterized by high remanence, high coercivity and high magnetic energy, so its magnetic force is the strongest. It is said that this permanent magnetic material can achieve the highest efficiency transfer between magnetic, electrical and mechanical energy. In the field known to mankind, it has reached the highest state of energy conversion.

The Magnet King is actually around. The rare earth, known as the industrial "vitamin", has been widely used in the fields of military, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile and other fields, but it seems a bit far away from people’s daily life. The NdFeB permanent magnet material made of rare earth has realized the miniaturization of the motor by virtue of its small size, large magnetic force, anti decay, energy saving and environmental protection. White household appliances, smart phones, tablets, new energy cars, maglev trains, industrial robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, and other fields, you can find the figure of "Magnet King".

Taking new energy vehicles as an example,the "Magnet King" can be used in dozens of places from the automatic rotation of the reversing mirror, the front and back adjustment of the seat, the control of the headlights, the operation of the ignition coil, the driving motor and the cruise control.

Inside the smartphone, there are more than 100 sensors that use the "the "Magnet King" , the receiver, the microphone, the ringing, the camera auto focus motor, sensors that sense distance and  temperature.

If you are a senior member of "chopping party",  and you are going on a trip in the wilderness, you can get whatever you want at the specified time and place. Even if you are in the middle of nowhere. And of course, it all thanks to unmanned drones powered by a rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor.