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Magnet Danger To Children
Oct 22, 2018

Magnet danger to children

Strong magnets bring us the material needs, but they also bring harm to us. Everything has two sides. After reading this article, parents hope that everyone will take care of their children and prevent children from swallowing magnets.

Australian Assistant Treasury Secretary David Bradbury has recently reminded parents of the danger of small, magnetically powerful magnets for desktop novelty decorations for adults.

These products are often marketed under a variety of names, including Bucky Balls, Neocubes, Neodymium sphere magnets, etc., containing a large number of small magnets less than 5 mm in diameter. It is used as an adult accessory for making models and building models.

Bradbury said that if a child swallows more than one strong magnet, the magnet will pass through the intestinal wall and attract each other, causing perforation of the intestine, requiring urgent surgery or even fatality.

The report shows that young children often swallow such magnets. Some older children and adolescents will also accidentally swallow their lips or lip rings after using them.

Currently, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is working with the Queensland Office of Fair Trading to connect with all known suppliers of such magnets, highlighting the growing number of reports of serious injuries. And seek a meeting on how to solve the problem.

The ACCC also recommends that parents and caregivers ensure that toys or small adult decorations containing small, magnetically strong magnets are kept away from young children; and that older children are advised not to place or place small magnets with strong magnetism in their mouths. , nose or near the area where it may be ingested.