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If Electrons Are Themselves Tiny Magnets With North And South Poles, Then Why Can't Two Electrons Attract Each Other Like Two Bar Magnets?
Jul 28, 2018

They are like this! Most of the electrons combined with atoms stick together in pairs, just like two strip magnets arranged opposite each other. They even overlooked the electrical repulsive force that is much stronger than the magnetic attraction. The positive nuclei of the atom help to reduce the repulsive force and make the magnetic attraction more visible.

 This is the classic analogy used to describe electrons because two strip magnets with charge can be implemented. The details lie in the quantum composition of these particles. The magnetism of electrons is produced by their rotation. The electrons are called spin 1/2 particles, and the magnetic moments are aligned with the spins. The opposite of the two electrons in the atom is reversed

 Just like two opposing magnets, but electric repulsion can be ignored, because flipping the spin causes the electron quantum mechanical wave function to move 90 degrees, which makes the two wave fictions positive with each other. cross. This is a significant feature of rotation because flipping an electrical waveform changes its phase by 180 degrees instead of 90 degrees. Only two orthogonally rotating 1/2 waves can occupy the same space, which is the Pauli incompatibility principle.

With two free electrons, electrical repulsion overcomes the magnetic attraction, whereas at high-speed collisions of two electrons, the magnetic attraction does indeed play a role in predicting the collision result, so the two spins interact.