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How To Separate Two Strong Magnets Together?
Oct 22, 2018

How to separate two strong magnets together?

For all magnetic materials, it is not magnetic at any temperature. Generally, the magnetic material has a critical temperature Tc above which the arrangement of the atomic magnetic moments is chaotic and disordered due to the intense thermal motion of the atoms at high temperatures. Below this temperature, the atomic magnetic moments are aligned, resulting in spontaneous magnetization, and the object becomes ferromagnetic.

With this feature, many control elements have been developed. For example, the rice cooker we use takes advantage of the Curie point properties of magnetic materials. In the center of the bottom of the rice cooker is a magnet and a magnetic material with a Curie point of 105 degrees. When the water in the pot is dry, the temperature of the food will rise from 100 degrees. When the temperature reaches about 105 degrees, the magnet loses its suction force due to the disappearance of the magnetic material of the magnetic material sucked by the magnet. At this time, the spring between the magnet and the magnetic material separates them, and the power switch is turned off. Turn on and stop heating.

Curie temperature refers to the temperature at which a material can change between a ferromagnetic body and a paramagnetic body. When the temperature is lower than the Curie temperature, the substance becomes a ferromagnetic body, and the magnetic field associated with the material is hard to change. When the temperature is higher than the Curie temperature, the substance becomes a paramagnetic body, and the magnetic field of the magnet easily changes with the change of the surrounding magnetic field. The magnetic sensitivity at this time is about the negative 6th power of 10.

When two powerful magnets are sucked together, they can be heated to a temperature of about two hundred degrees Celsius. At this temperature, the magnet's magnetism is greatly reduced, and the attraction between the magnets is much reduced. This makes it easy to suck the two pieces together. The powerful magnets are separated. The highest working temperature of the powerful magnet is 300 °C, so it can't be heated to above 300 °C. 200 °C is enough.