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How To Demagnetize The Magnet?
Dec 02, 2017

How to demagnetize the magnet?

NdFeB magnet composed chiefly of the rare earth praseodymium neodymium and iron alloy, this material is currently widely used in the market, but powerful magnets often encountered in the course of magnetic force decreases or disappears, summarize the following reasons:

1: Demagnetization or demagnetization after magnet injection, ordinary magnet temperature is 80 , injection magnet is basically above 12 .

2: After magnet heat pressure or degaussing, it often using glass fiber hot pressing, temperature above 150 .

3: Magnet demagnetizing after oven baking

4: Magnet material contains too much impurities lead to weak magnetic,

5: Impact results in demagnetization of the magnet, such as high-frequency impact.

6: The material contains metal lanthanum, which results in magnet powder and so on.

7: High magnetic field environment is the magnetic force of the magnet which disappears or the N/S pole changemagnetizing machine or demagnetizer


The above demagnetization (degaussing) causes 90% of the content mentioned these points, high temperature demagnetization, demagnetization of the material itself, high frequency impact demagnetization, high magnetic demagnetization.