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How Many Types Of Magnetic Materials Now
Dec 04, 2017

1) Neodymium


Sintered neodymium magnet (neodymium, iron, boron) is today the most powerful material, with magnetic characteristics that are superior to the traditional materials. High heat resistant qualities has been developed over the years, and this has lead to new possibilities to use the materials in generators and engines.


2) Alnico


Alnico (aluminum, nickel, cobalt) was developed in the 1930's. Alnico is a very temperature resistant material that is heat resistant up to 850°C. The material has also a high remanence, Br. This have made Alnico a popular solution in, among other things, sensitive measuring instruments.


3) Ferrite


Sintered strontium ferrite is the dominating material on the market, much due to the low price. Ferrite magnets are used mostly in speakers and motor segments.


4) SmCo


SmCo (Samarium, Cobalt) is a high energy material, much like Neodymium, that can resist temperatures as high as 350°C and has for many decades been used in motor segments and other high temperature applications that call for high energy magnets.


5). Rubber Magnets


Rubber magnets is a soft and flexible material that can be punched or cut to a desired shape. The material adapts well to curved surfaces and is therefore ideal for signs, decals for cars etc.


The distinction between anisotropic and semi-anisotropic materials, is that the latter have only one magnetic side. Tapes are usually semi-anisotropic, while rugs and strips are available in two versions.


6). Electromagnets


Lifting magnets of 18 mm diameter with a lifting force 60 N up to the diameter of 3 meters with a lifting capacity of several tons (electro-and electro permanent lifting magnets).


Pulling magnets can replace pneumatics in many constructions The magnets are either single-acting, that is magnets pulling / pressing in one direction while the return happens in another way (eg, spring), or double-acting with two coils and reversible nature.