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Which Magnet Is The Most Magnetic?
Oct 22, 2018

At present, the strongest permanent magnet is NdFeB, so it is also called NdFeB magnet. The strong magnet defaults to NdFeB, which is called the magnetic king by the world. Commonly used in servo motors and micro motors.

However, the magnets to be used in different environments are different. If you want to say which magnetic force is strong in the normal environment, you can use N-series grades of NdFeB. N35-N52 can be used according to the situation. Stronger), its maximum operating temperature is 80°.

Here to be popular, many people will think that the magnetic force of H, SH, UH will be stronger after the magnet grade. In fact, the higher the temperature resistance and the lower the magnetic force, the inverse ratio is not proportional.

Which part of the magnet has the strongest suction?

This is the strong magnetic force at both ends of the magnet. It can also be measured by a Gauss meter. The magnet center magnet is lower than the surrounding edge.

What magnet is the strongest magnet in an environment with more than 200 degrees?

In the environment above 200 degrees Celsius, samarium cobalt is the most powerful magnet. The price is slightly higher than that of the neodymium iron boron magnet! Since the iron in the samarium-cobalt magnet occupies a small portion, it is not easily corroded. In general, it is not necessary to perform electroplating treatment. For aesthetic reasons, electroplating is also possible.

If the samarium-cobalt magnet is used in seawater, some rust will be produced on the surface of the product, but it will not affect its performance and use. The physical properties of the samarium-cobalt magnet determine that the samarium-cobalt magnet is extremely brittle (more brittle than glass), and a slight force on the edge portion will result in missing edges and corners.

As for the ferrite, the magnetic force need not be said more, the magnetic force is relatively weak, and the price is very low. In the case of high temperature resistance, it is usually chosen.