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What Are The Applications Of Samarium Cobalt Magnet?
Oct 22, 2018

What are the applications of samarium cobalt magnet?

1. For motors, high-grade permanent magnet motors, general permanent magnet motors use permanent magnet ferrite or neodymium iron boron permanent magnets. In places where the temperature exceeds 200 ° C or the stall torque is large, only SmCo permanent magnet motors can be competent. .

2. Electroacoustic devices in high-end audio systems

3. Highly reliable instrumentation system, many instruments used in aerospace, aviation, medical and other fields must use samarium cobalt permanent magnets to ensure high reliability and foolproof

4. In extremely important radar and communication systems, a large number of electric vacuum devices such as traveling wave tubes, magnetrons, chasing tubes, chasing tubes, gyrotrons, etc. are used, and samarium-cobalt permanent magnets cause electron beam along these devices. For the specified path movement, these magnets should have Hk>14Koe, and the magnetic properties are consistent and the magnetism of each magnetic steel center hole is only a few Gauss errors.

5. In extremely important radar and communication systems, a large number of isolators, filters, and microwave ferrite devices are used. In these devices, electromagnetic waves are used to move along a prescribed path.

6. Use samarium cobalt magnetic feeder in deep well below 3000 meters, using samarium cobalt magnetic actuator (pump) in high temperature environment of 200 °C

7. Magnetic suction head, magnetic separator, magnetic bearing

8. Magnetic resonance imager, permanent magnet coated magnetized water