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Magnet In Permanent Magnet Motors
Oct 21, 2017

Electromagnet and permanent magnet are important parts in permanent magnet motor structure. The electromagnetic coil is attracted to the permanent magnet, and this attraction is what causes the motor to rotate. When electrical power is turned off, the electromagnet loses its magnetism and the motor stops.

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Permanent magnets are widely used in MRI machines, portable electronic devices, hysteresis clutches, accelerometers, and also a critical element to permanent-magnet rotary and linear motors.


The most common used magnetic material for motors are sintered NdFeB magnets and SmCo magnets. Sintered NdFeB magnets have great magnetic strength to bring large torque for rotors and stators. And among all sintered NdFeB performance, H, SH, EH and UH series are popular as their working temperature could be 100°C-200°C without losing magnetism. When higher working temp. is demanded, SmCo magnet is preferred for its max working temperature can be up to 250°C-300°C.


Generally, permanent magnets with ring shape and arc segments, which magnetized through diameter are most widely-used in permanent magnet motors. Block, wedge, trapezoid and other special shapes are also customized as per clients' different requirements.

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