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Introduction And Properties Of Samarium Cobalt
Oct 22, 2018

Introduction and properties of samarium cobalt

Samarium cobalt magnets, samarium cobalt permanent magnets, samarium cobalt permanent magnets, rare earth cobalt permanent magnets, etc.

It is a magnetic material made of lanthanum, cobalt and other metal rare earth materials by smelting into alloys, pulverized, pressed and sintered. It has high magnetic energy product and extremely low temperature coefficient. The maximum working temperature can be Up to 350 ° C, the negative temperature is not limited, when the working temperature is above 180 ° C, its temperature stability and chemical stability are more than the NdFeB permanent magnet material.

1. Very good coercivity.

2. Good temperature stability.

3. Expensive, vulnerable to price fluctuations (cobalt market price sensitivity).