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RCDB-5 electromagnetic iron remover installation points
May 18, 2018

RCDB-5 electromagnetic iron remover installation points

1. The bucket elevator and vibrating feeder are installed and adjusted normally and then the electromagnetic iron remover is installed.

2. Check that the coil insulation resistance before installation is not less than 10 megohms. If the insulation level is reduced due to moisture, it should be inspected and handled. After the use requirements are met, it must be used.

3. According to the construction drawings, the cross-bars of the electromagnetic iron separators shall be fixed and fixed first.

4. Then install the electromagnetic iron remover on the beam.

5. Each device of electromagnetic iron remover adopts flexible connection, and the lower part uses the basket bolt matched with the steel wire rope so that the electromagnetic iron remover can adjust the height and parallelism to check whether the hanging device is firm.

6, after the electromagnetic iron remover hanging in the sports car.

7. After correcting, the bottom surface of the electromagnetic iron remover can be adjusted to be 50-60mm vertically from the centerline of the upper opening surface of the vibration feeder.

8. After the control box is placed in the designated location, the wiring is strictly in accordance with the electrical schematic diagram and the ground protection is performed.

9, carefully read the electrical schematics and operating instructions before the test, in strict accordance with the requirements of the operation.

10. Check whether the iron remover current and surface temperature are abnormal during the test and check if the fastener is loose.