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RCD type suspended electromagnetic separator
Jun 03, 2018

RCD type suspended electromagnetic separator


RCD series products rank in the same domestic product and can be used with various conveyors such as belt conveyors, vibrating conveyors, and electromagnetic vibrating feeders. It can remove blocks of 0.1-25 kg from bulk non-magnetic materials. The ferromagnetic substances play an important role in improving the quality of materials, recycling of miscellaneous iron, and protecting various process equipment. Widely used in cement, thermal power, metallurgy, mining, ceramics, chemicals, glass, paper, building materials, food, tobacco, coal and other industries.


1. Optimized by computer design, reasonable structure, low energy consumption, stable and reliable performance.

2. The magnetic field distribution is scientific, reasonable, deep penetration, strong suction.

3、 Excitation coils are treated by a special process to improve the electrical and mechanical properties of the coils, with low temperature rise, good insulation and heat resistance.

4, easy installation and maintenance.

5. Its technical specifications are in accordance with the JB/T7689-2004 standard.