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permanent magnet separators and electromagnetic separators
Apr 07, 2018

The separators are divided into permanent magnet separators and electromagnetic separators. The main function of this product is to absorb iron impurities in the materials. Today we take everyone to learn about these two products.

With the development of our country's economy, all industries and industries have continuously raised the requirements for impurities in materials, and have higher requirements for the material taste of products. The permanent magnet separator has a high coercive force and a high remanence special permanent magnet composes the composite magnetic system. The magnetic force of the magnet is used to attract the ferromagnetic material.

We continue to cater to the market demand and have meticulously researched and produced a super electromagnetic separator. This product is mainly an iron removing device for removing iron in powdery or blocky non-magnetic materials. Its internal use of electrical special resin casting, self-cooled fully sealed structure. With the characteristics of large depth of penetration, strong suction, dust-proof, rain-proof, and corrosion resistance, it can still operate reliably in extremely harsh environments.